Eduguide Language Learning System

Were passionate about language learning. That’s why we’re constantly reviewing the latest trends and methodology in the field.

Academic staff from EduGuide school participate in the research and development of our programmes. We ensure that the latest theories of language learning are considered and evaluated throughout our centres. That’s why our schools are a healthy environment for learning. The following points are fundamental to our language learning system.

At EduGuide we believe that the best way to learn a language is to study in the country where the language is spoken. We want you to immerse yourself in the culture and truly‘live the language’.

Upon arrival at any EduGuide institute, we’ll give you a comprehensive language level test so we ensure you go straight into the right class for you. LSI levels have been closely matched to the Common European Framework, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, IELTS and University of Cambridge English examinations. To move up to the next EduGuide level you need to master our specific ‘level objectives’, which you can demonstrate by test scores adn class participation.


At EudGuide we understand that some students learn faster than others, so our course is tailored for you as the individual. There are reqular opportunities to discuss your progress with your teacher.


Through systematic testing, monitoring your class performance and constant teacher appraisal, the school academic director will track your progress and identify exactly when you have mastered the level objectives and are ready to move up to the next level. This monitoring and testing allows us to grade between between and within levels, allowing you to spend more time studying with the students and materials at the level which is right for you.

We’re constantly reviewing the latest materials available for language learning. We provide you with what our academic team have identified as being the very best materials currently available for your level. We are also committed to providing the latest technology, utilising the most cutting edge audio, video and web based resources to bring modern, real world language into the classroom.

As you ‘learn and live the language’ you will gain a greater understanding of the country in which you are studying. And as our students come from all over the world, our centres are not just places to learn languages, but also places to meet and share experiences with people from a huge range of backgrounds and cultures.

We understand that our students’ single most identifiable measure of programme quality is the teacher. That’s why at EduGuide, we only work with dedicated, highly motivated teachers, qualified with country specific teaching credentials.


As such, we have a systematic programme of teacher development and performance evaluation. All of our students are regularly invited to provide feedback so that we can ensure that your teacher meets your expectations.