Our Courses

Who takes our courses?

We offer a wide range of courses to suit adults. Some courses are specific to one centre on Riyadh.

Business and Professional Courses

Clients on these courses often have a specific learning objective linked to their career. You might be an experienced professional investing in your communication skills or making an exciting career change. You might be a young professional wishing to take your career to the nextlevel of a graduate keen to get your working life off to a dynamic start. We provide training on business behaviour and culture, and can even support clients with specialised professional subject knowledge.

Examination and Academic Courses

Clients on these courses typically have very clear goals. For example, you may want to prepare for studying at an Englishspeaking university, gain a qualification for a job, or get ready to take an examination. We can offer combinations of these courses and book exams for them too.

General , Individual and Bespoke Courses

Our general courses are for people with different reasons for learning. For example, travel, moving to the UK, a wish to communicate with a new family member, or a passion for learning English! We can offer one-to-one lessons with a trainer or you might choos to take some of your classes in a group and some of them as individual training.