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Who We Are

EduGuide English Language Institute was established in the year (Hijri/Gregorian) in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At EduGuide English Language Institute we recognize that high quality education is the key to future prosperity. We are in the business of changing lives and making a positive impact on the future of individuals, companies and Saudi Arabia as a whole.

Our knowledge of the Saudi education sector and our understanding of trading in a global marketplace help us to use our skills in English language training, teacher recruitment and education consultancy to provide products and solutions for education and training that are flexible, fit for purpose and ready for the 21st Century global economy.


EduGuide English Language Institute builds futures and changes lives.

Our aim is to make a significant contribution to the local, regional and national economy through enhancing the personal growth and employability of individuals.

We want to promote a culture of excellence where all learners have high aspirations and are able to grow and develop. In addition, we want to help local employers find, train and develop employees that are ready for new challenges.